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about krystenHi, my name is Krysten and thanks for stopping by my website!

I am just a regular woman in her early thirties with a career, no kids, a supportive boyfriend, and a pet fish named Herman.  I have an addiction to binge watching Netflix and downloading zombie apocalypse novels to my Kindle and keeping up to date with the crazy news cycle of the 21st century.  I live in a great city, in a great neighbourhood, and we live 19 floors up right smack dab in the middle of a concrete jungle.  I am not affiliated with any church or religious institution and my politics are kind of fluid so you probably won’t read any wild conspiracy theories or posts about the wrath of god.  I am, however, a big believer is being prepared for an emergency situation!

About 5 years ago, my boyfriend started building a bug out bag that lived in the back of our storage locker.  I thought he was kind of crazy at first, especially when he asked me for a samurai sword for his birthday.  Apparently “Walking Dead” had more of an impact on him then I thought.  I even stopped by several different stores to find a Buck 119 hunting knife to add to our collection.  You know, in case we needed to skin a rabbit while we walked the streets of Downtown Toronto.

But as time went by, and news of rapidly spreading super bugs, super storms and super wars, it kind of started to make sense.  What would happen to us 19 floors up if the power went out, or some kind of crazy virus started to spread?   What would happen to all these condo dwellers around us if they couldn’t leave their apartments for a few days or had no drinking water?  A few Christmases ago, power across the region was knocked out by a monster ice storm and half the city of Toronto had no power for a week, and in some cases longer.  It was during a deep freeze where temperatures were -40 Degrees with the wind chill for days on end.   Just last year there was a terror attack in Ottawa in the Parliament building, and several other plots had been uncovered and thankfully stopped.  Diseases like Small Pox, Plague and MERS started popping up all over North America.

A Prepper Was Born…..

I had some exposure to being out in the wilderness from camping and cottaging when I was a kid.  I am a mean canooer, and tadpole catcher, and fish bater. I even earned a few badges in girl guides and once made an igloo, and snow ice cream on a winter sleep away trip!  All valuable skills, I am sure, but probably not enough to keep us comfortable and safe in an emergency situation.  I think when Ebola started to spread across West Africa into Europe and the US, I knew we needed to step up our game and really get ready for some kind of crisis.  And yes, we do have Hazmat Gear, booties and all!

My hope is that you will check in often to read about products, ideas and solutions in the world of prepping.


Thanks for stopping by!  Drop a comment any time 🙂

The Urban Survival Chick (or just Krysten is cool)


  1. Krysten, I really enjoyed reading about you as the Urban Survival Chick. I have never lived in a large metro area for any length of time. I worked in Springfield, MA for 20+ years and visited NYC a few times. Thats pretty much my exposure the concrete jungle.
    I grow up in the Berkshires of Massachusetts and still live there. A lot of people around here, including myself, are pretty laid back. We have had some winters that have left us stuck in on homes for a period of time. I do recall as a kid a storm when we where stranded for 5 days. No plow, no water, no electric, and fun.
    But my mother being the person she was knew how winters are in New England had the shelves stocked with a least a months worth of food. Dad made sure that the wood pile was within reach and at least 3 cord high for our fire place. As for the fun, nothing like building a snow fort and having a good snowball fight.
    I will be marking and returning here because I do agree we all need to be prepared in the case of an emergency. I do like watching the “Walking Dead” myself. Will I ever live to see it happen? I really am a skeptic when it come to that kind of apocalypse.
    Looking forward to my next visit..

    • Hey Ken, great post, and it sounds like you had a pretty interesting life when you were growing up. I lived in the country when I was a kid too and I remember school being canceled in the winter for sometimes 3 or 4 days at a time. We had this awesome wood burning fireplace and a good store of food in our freezers and in the basement! Hopefully we won’s see any zombies in our lifetime!

  2. Krysten,
    The last time I was in Toronto it was my birthday 5/25/2013 and Mick Jagger made fun of the Mayor…We loved it and will be in Buffalo this weekend for one more time on the Zip Code Tour.
    I wonder of your plans for Poor Little Herman? LOL
    I like you do not do the organized religion thing at all, sadly I think it does more harm than good.
    You mention the terrorism with so many that are willing to kill for their God it makes me wonder if their God’s ran out of all those special God Powers and has to have Weak Humans do the dirty work?
    people tend to put a lot of Human Traits on “Gods”
    As for any real prepping, I am not sure if I want to survive anything that wipes out most everyone, to much like the Original “Night of the Living Dead”.
    My, I am old…
    In all honesty I think you provide a wonderful service and advice for folks that could get stranded with NO Power again in the Deep Freeze or any other sort of unexpected disaster.
    Good BoyScouts Know “Always Be Prepared”
    Keep up the great job and don’t mind my whacky commentary too much, I was born “Outside the Box”


    • Hey CannaGary, thanks for reading, and Herman will be all right – they only eat like 4 pellets of food per day! We have a new mayor now, and I don’t think he smokes any crack so Toronto is in relatively good hands for now!

      I decided to keep this site free from heavy religious or political undertones. A lot of prepper sites are very right wing, second amendment loving white dudes, and I thought I’d try a different approach. I have no problem with any of those things, just prefer to keep religion and politics out of it.

      Thanks for reading and check back any time! let me know if you have any questions 🙂

  3. Like your site! I am the country mouse to your city mouse…Being prepared is so important. We will keep talking until everyone gets it!

    • Yep! If yo chip away at it, you can have a great stockpile to get you through. Wish I had a country place… saving to buy one now! Nice to meet a fellow prepper!

  4. “The Walking Dead” ya? I followed every episode! It’s story is very exciting and unique! Describing on humanity, the survival and society moral, makes me to think a lot!
    By the way, you have a nicely built website here! Love it overall, and I miss Lori a lot!

    • Hi Bernard! Thanks for reading! I have always had a thing for these post-apocalyptic shows/movies/books and Walking Dead is one of my faves! I have done quite a bit of reading in the genre too and find that there are some good tips and lessons to be learned about how to survive such an event. Hopefully we won’t see that anytime soon!


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