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When preparing for an emergency or disaster situation, food security is key to keeping your family safe and healthy.  We have discussed how to build a stockpile of non-perishable foods, but having fresh organic vegetables at your disposal, is a great way to get nutrient packed foods on the dinner table and to keep your meals inspired and interesting.  I discovered a product that can help you create a sustainable urban garden.

Product – Garden Tower Project Vertical Garden

Website – gardentowerproject.com

Price – $349.99 USD

Owners – Colin Cudmore and Joel Grant

Rating – 8.5/10

Verdict –  Good value for money and an easy way to grow organic vegetable in a tight space
Terracotta Composting 50-Plant Garden Tower by Garden Tower Project


Introducing the Garden Tower Project

The Garden Tower is an innovative vertical garden and composter that is designed for small outdoor spaces.  It is suited for those who want the benefits of homegrown fresh vegetables and herbs but live the urban lifestyle that often does afford much space.  It is also great for those, like me, who have a black thumb and don’t have much spare time to nurture a vegetable garden.   Really, anyone could grow a healthy garden using this product without much hassle and fuss.

How it Works

The Tower Garden vertical garden is an ingenious design that allows that acts as both garden and compost.  It is a sustainable garden that can grow anywhere there is sun or grow lights.   Here is how it works:

Once the garden is placed in a spot where there is optimal sun/grow light exposure, high quality soil is added to the unit and seeds and plants are placed throughout.  The tower garden has space for 50 plants from base to to top!

Running down the centre of the tower garden is a vertical tube where you add your kitchen scraps for composting.  Add red wiggler worms to the tube which in turn break down the compost and produce vermicompost.  What is vermicompost?  It is the process of composting using worms (red wigglers are usually best) to convert your kitchen scraps and organic material into ultra nutrient fertilizer.  Worms digestive enzymes create beneficial microbes to help create a living soil environment.

The centre tube has 28 holes where the worms can travel through, essentially making wonderfully nutrient fertilizer which helps grow your plants quickly and organically.  You water the top of the tower garden and the water filters through the potting soil and compost reaching each level of plants where it then collects in a container at the base of the tower.  You then have this super nutrient water aka nutrient tea, that you can then pour back through the top, starting the process all over again.

Garden Tower 2 50-Plant Composting Container Garden
The result is a fast growing, organic garden that can pretty much grow anywhere!

Garden Tower 2 50-Plant Composting Container Garden

  • Easy to use
  • Fresh vegetables on your balcony or patio
  • You know exactly what you are eating because you grew it yourself!
  • Rapid plant growth
  • Self sustaining system
  • Great for rookie gardeners


  • Cost – $349 plus taxes and delivery
  • Only available online
  • With any garden you will have to deal with pests like aphid mites, and whiteflies

Why You Should Consider Buying Tower Garden

With all the news around GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and overuse of pesticides, and lack of quality nutrients in soils in factory farms, organic products have become quite popular.  Knowing exactly how the product was grown, and eating it at its optimal freshness is a real benefit to you and your family.  Organic foods are quite expensive, sometimes being double the cost of the regular produce, so a one time investment in this system can save you quite a bit of money over the long run.

Food security is very important considering how complicated the food supply system is in North America.  In the event of a natural or man made disaster, it could be difficult for your local grocer to stock fresh foods and in a large city, it can be especially difficult and likely dangerous.  Having a sustainable veggie garden on your balcony will go along way in keeping you safe.

Anyone can use this product, and it is great for seniors or those with disabilities as you can sit or stand to tend to the tower garden.  You pretty much add soil, plants, water and worms, and it does all the hard work for you.

My Final Review


Have you had success gardening in a big city?  Let me know what worked best for you below in the comment section.




  1. I love your review and the set up of all the information about the vertical garden container. This would be a great present for my mom!

  2. Hi, your review is very thorough, I would have loved to get it, but unfortunately, i am in Nigeria. If i may ask, what is the difference between organic and natural vegetable? Thanks, all the best,God bless you.

    • Organic vegetables are those grown without using any genetically modified seeds, which is a huge issue in North America these days. There are no chemicals or pesticides used in Organic farming, and farmers use sustainable practices, like crop rotation, in order to ensure the soil stays nutrient and healthy. I would say that Organic is the Natural vegetable! Factory farming does pretty much the opposite.

  3. Hello, Krysten. I really like this product. My husband & I are getting old and it’s difficult to work in the garden, but this sounds like it would be perfect for us. Thank you for sharing!

    • Your welcome Peggy! You wont need to be bending over or resting on your knees all day with this product. You can stand, or sit in a chair while you tend to your little paradise!

  4. Hi Krysten,
    I am happy to have come along to your website. Although, we live in the countryside due to health issues doing gardening the old fashioned way is becoming harder. I have heard about Tower Gardening, but couldn’t figure it out what it really was, now I know thanks to you and your article.
    I will give it a shot next year and see how it goes.
    What do you think about the upside down growing vegetables like tomatoes?

    • Hi Sylvia, the upside down gardens are pretty cool too and could be used along side any of your more traditional set ups. the best part is, they don’t take up much space. Really, if you can grow and eat your own food, i am on board.

  5. KRYSTEN, I love your website. Sustainable Urban Garden and totally self-sufficient hydroponics have always intrigued me. I have researched building several types of these items to see what the costs would be – not only to help the environment, but to save money. I love your theme! Keep up the great work. Bookmarked!! Cheers,

    • Hey PJ, thanks for reading! I have been researching this stuff for a while too and I liked this product because the people who developed it are all about sustainable gardening, and don’t seem top be out for a quick buck. I will likely be writing about aquaponics soon too as that is another way to be more self sufficient. Thanks for the bookmark, and let me know if you ever have any questions!

  6. Neat outline, I love the idea of a garden tower seems easy to use too. But I’d like to see some visuals to know how it works visually because your link seems to be broken/down at the moment. Maybe some diagrams or video to help out?

    Overall, it really feels like this thing would be something I’d keep for a bit of a ‘cool stuff’ while enjoying gardening at the same time.

    • Hey Roger, sorry about those links. I just tested them and they seem to work fine. Let me know if you have any other issues with them.

      The product is super easy to use and affordable and considering the rising cost of food, this could be a very economical way to cut down on your grocery bill.

  7. Love the review! Many people don’t realize that our entire ecosystem depends on the process that is demonstrated in the tower garden- composting and revolving earth. And without earthworms, our surface soil would never compost entirely! Thanks for the great information.

    • No problem! I agree, most are not knowledgeable about the subject. Factory farming just uses up the soil until there is nothing left instead of rotating crops to supplement the soil. This is a wonderful way to eat well, and the long term costs savings are a win!

  8. Great review! I would love to snag one of these. I live in an apartment right now, but it would be so nice to be able to grow my own vegetables so I know exactly what I’m getting, and I’m sure they taste a LOT better than what I get by the time I pick it up from the store. Looks like a great product that would really pay for itself in almost no time at all with the price I’m paying out in the store anyway. Cause yikes. Thanks for the great info!

    • Thanks for checking out my review Megan. I noticed from your email that you are really into fitness, and I am sure buying organic veggies to keep up with your healthy lifestyle which can get pretty pricey. Let me know if you have any questions!

  9. Hello! This is my first time visiting your website and I totally love it. I love how it is set up, easy to navigate and the information offered! This review is very helpful. I have been looking into garden towers but couldn’t really understand how they are set up and work. Your post has opened my eyes. This is so appealing to me, I certainly have to try it. Thank you for sharing!

    • HI Katerina, and thanks for reading! It is very easy to set up and maintain and the best part is that the veggies go very quickly due to all the nutrients in the soil. Those red wiggler worms can really work wonders for your garden. Thanks for stopping by, and let me know if you have any questions 🙂

  10. This is a lovely article and I love the text you chose for your headers. The page is clean and easy to read and I really like the bright and appropriate pictures you have chosen to illustrate your points and to make it clear to the reade rwhat you are talking about. I tend to kill everything in my garden but this looks like a product that even I might be able to keep going!

    • Hey Nicola, I am glad you like my post!

      I tend to have a serious black thumb, so this product really appeals to me too! What a cool concept, and way to have fresh from the garden food, and a place to compost your organic waste. It’s like your own little eco system on your patio.

      Let me know if you every have any questions Nicola!


  11. Hi Krysten,
    This is so cool…the Garden Tower! We get to raise our own veggies even without a yard. It’s a bit pricy but for what it adds to our lives I think it is worth the money.
    One question. I know this Garden Tower has to get enough sun light for it to grow and stay alive. I live in Northwest U.S. where the amount of sunlight during the winter time is quite limited. Do you think this tower would not survive in winter in our area?

    • Hi Yuko,

      Yes, You can still do well with it indoors. You would just need some grow lights to keep them healthy during the winter. You can grow this in doors as well if you need to.

    • Really troutwsrthy blog. Please keep updating with great posts like this one. I have booked marked your site and am about to email it to a few friends of mine that I know would enjoy reading..

  12. This is a great idea, and a good way for those who want to grow their own food but who lack the space. Or, in my case, if you suck at gardening and don’t want to dig up your lawn! 🙂

    Would I be able to grow a few different kinds of vegetables in one vertical garden?

    • Absolutely! You can plant a wide variety of vegetables in this garden. Because it is a self contained eco system, all the hard work is taken out of your hands. You need to water and to prune and that is about it after the initial set up.

  13. Hey, I really like your site, very interesting and modern.
    I love your theme choice as it is the one I also picked. I was very interested in your content and what you had to say, you kept me engaged.
    I like your niche as I am interested in urban gardening and also urban bee keeping, maybe you should add a post on that?
    Wishing you the best of luck with your online venture,

  14. I have a green thumb and and I like gardening. It makes me feel relieved every time I water my plants and trees every morning. I talk to them regularly so they would feel special and so that they will bear huge fruits and lovely flowers. Thank you for your blog

    • For those of us with a black thumb, this product makes it easy to have a great garden that takes up little space.

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