Urban Survival


Living in densely populated urban areas definitely adds a new layer to planning for disaster.  You are competing for space and resources with hundreds of thousands or even millions of other people and one can only imagine how chaotic an emergency event on a grand scale would look like. What happens if the food supply is compromised, or the taps won’t turn on and there is no electricity?  Do you stay at home in your high rise apartment, or do you leave the city to get to a safer place?  If you need to evacuate the city, where will you go to and how will you get there?

Always Have a Plan B… and C

These are just a few critical questions you need to ask yourselfwhile preparing for the worst.  Ideally, you will have several scenarios planned for with the supplies and gear needed to bug in or bug out.  You will need to evaluate the nature of the emergency and decide based on those factors what is the safest and best plan for you and your family.radioactive

Practice Makes Perfect

Once you have a plan in place, make sure that all the members of your household know it in detail, practice your plan and make sure you have a lists of everything you need.  In a perfect world, you will never execute this plan, but it is especially important for city dwellers know what to do when disaster strikes.

Do you have a plan in place for emergencies?  I’d love to hear how you have prepped! Leave your comments and questions below.



  1. These are important issues we all need to think about but don’t. Perhaps we are too scared to think about it, hoping that it won’t happen to us. Great stuff. Well done.

    • Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. I guess there is some truth to that saying!

  2. This is such a vital subject. I have learned the need to apply these points since my wife and I moved to Asia from Australia. We live in Thailand, in an area that had some devastated by the Tsunami of 2004. Having an emergency plan in mind is vital and I thank you for the reminders listed on this site.
    Thank you,


    • Great point Duncan! Living near the ocean definitely deserves careful thought and planning when it comes to preparedness and having a plan to get to higher ground is key.

  3. Reading this really pokes your mind and makes you think about certain things that might seem far away but are quite real. Well written, keep it up

    • You never know when disaster can strike and being prepared can ease your mind. With a little thought an planning, you can make sure your family is safe and cared for during this time, regardless of where you live. Thanks for reading!

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