Wise Company Survival Food Reviews


Product – Wise Food 84 Serving Grab & Go Pack

Website – wisefoodstorage.com

Best Price – $189.99 USD

Made By – Wise Company

Rating – 8/10

Wise Company Emergency Food Supply – Who are They?


A giant in survival the survival prep market, Wise Food has been in business of freeze dried foods and other survival products for 25 years.  Based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, this company supplies foods for emergency preparedness, camping and everyday use with quality freeze dried foods that have a shelf life of up to 25 years.  Wise food also has a good number of emergency preparedness supplies, including first aid kits, water storage and supplies, fuel sources, and seeds. 

What’s in the Bucket


This kit has been designed to offer convenient “grab & go” packs of freeze foods with 28 breakfasts, and 56 entreés to feed 1 person for 1 month, or 4 people for 1 week.

Breakfast includes 8 servings of 3 types of cereal – Brown sugar and maple, apple cinnamon, and granola strawberry crunch.

Entreés Include 8 servings each of creamy pasta, chili macaroni, stroganoff, chicken flavoured noodle soup, cheesy macaroni, pasta alfredo and hearty tortilla soup. The bucket has easy to carry handles – hence the name “grab & go” and the food is stored in mylar pouches, each containing 4 servings.  If you are buying multiple buckets, they are specially designed to stack for simple, stable storage.  The total weight is 15 lbs.

How to Prepare

It’s fairly easy, you basically just add the breakfast or entreé portion into boiling water, and let it simmer as directed.  This food is best for an emergency situation or perhaps on a camping trip so it is designed to be very simple to cook with no added fuss or muss.  Check out this video to see how easy it really is.

Nutritional Information

creamy pasta - wise foodI did a quick calculation based on the information on the website, and one person who ate 3 servings of this food per day would get between 700 and 900 (roughly) calories per day.  Not ideal, but it will keep you going when you have to rely on your emergency rations.  You may want to think about planning on eating an extra meal or two per day to keep your calories up, so consider purchasing a larger supply and supplementing with canned goods, or other non-perishable foods.  It certainly would help you drop a few pounds!

The meals are high in sodium, which would be expected for a food that is supposed to last for 25 years, but is beefed up with necessary vitamins, minerals, fibre and healthy fats which will go a long way in keeping you healthy in an emergency situation.  I have included a few of the nutritional labels from actual meals inside this kit for you to take a look at. I also like that there are vegetarian options, although all the food is prepared in one facility, so trace exposure to meat, dairy and shellfish cannot be avoided.

Most Importantly, What Does It Taste Like?


I have this exact bucket in my emergency food stockpile, amongst a few other brands that I will be reviewing, and have tasted one of the entreés so I can tell you with confidence that this food is…. salty.  Yes, it is salty!  Come on, what did you really expect, it is preserved to last for 25 years!  This is not a gourmet dinner for two at the bistro, and any of you clean eaters (like me) will find this food on the salty side, but I would say that is comparable to a packaged food, like Lipton Side Kicks or Ramen Noodles but with better quality ingredients.

Once you palate has a moment to adjust, it was pretty tasty!  I had the Pasta Alfredo, and it had a good creaminess to it, it was filling and overall satisfying. It took no time at all to prepare.  The variety in this pack is important because you will enjoy having some choice when it comes to what you are eating. When the zombies are roaming the streets and I am locked in my apartment, I am sure this will do just fine.  I kid!  Seriously though, this is a good choice for your emergency stockpile, and reasonably priced as well.  I know that I spend about $100 per week on groceries just for myself, so it is a pretty good value for the money.



  • Wise Food offers a FREE SAMPLE to try before committing to a purchase
  • Easy to store in small spaces (Mine is in my closet!
  • Affordable way to build up emergency stockpile quickly
  • Simple to prepare – just add water!
  • Portable – you can bring along the bucket, or remove the mylar packets and fit them into your bug out bag, camping gear etc.
  • Fortified with essential minerals, vitamins, fiber etc
  • Good variety with 10 different meals
  • There is a Gluten Free option and vegetarian choices




  • 3 servings a day does not provide recommended calorie intake for men or women
  • High in sodium content – this will be the case for most emergency foods with a long shelf life
  • If you are on a tight budget and are building your stockpile with small purchases weekly, this may not work for you do to one time price of $189
  • Not kosher or halal


Overall this is a solid product that will do what you need it to in an emergency; feed for your family.  I bought it myself, and feel much more secure knowing that I have this tucked away in a safe place.  The fact that Wise Food offers a FREE SAMPLE to try before committing to your purchase demonstrates that they stand behind their product.  If you are looking to get ahead in your prepping, this is a good choice for you and your family.

Have you tried this product? Let me know what meals you have tried!  I am available to answer any of your questions, so don’t be shy! Hope you enjoyed “Wise Food Company Survival Reviews!”

Get Prepped!




  1. I just found out about this company. I had no clue they’ve been around for that long. Thanks for the great review. I have been researching for survival courses for my family and I. One of my searches brought me to your article. It looks like these products are a good option.



    • Hey Dan, thanks for reading, and I am glad you found it helpful. Wise Food is a very reputable name in this space and you can’t go wrong with this product. keep checking in as I will be reviewing other products from my own supplies, and posting useful information about how to prepp for emergency.


  2. I think it is a great idea to have a supply of food in case of an emergency and Wise company foods look like they would make a great addition to a survival pack. Although i’m not one to contemplate end of the world scenarios, events like earthquakes and hurricanes happen all the time. Thanks for your review.

    • Well not all disasters are created equal, and this kind of product will give you added security. No one wants to think about doomsday, but is likely that most of us will experience some kind of disaster or emergency event in our life time. Nice to be prepared!

  3. I recall a few years ago our local government and media warning our city of an approaching mega storm. Apparently, it was going to disrupt power and cause havoc. They were recommending buying a few days of food, just in case. After work I stopped in at a large chain supermarket, and hit the canned food section. Chef Boyardee stocks likely doubled that day lol. The canned food shelves were almost bare, and I saw people buying anything that they could get their hands on.

    I suspect that these were the “cautious” ones, and the majority of people didn’t really turn their minds to buying anything extra that day. In the end, the storm turned out to be a dud, big light show, without any major impact. I wonder what would have happened to food availability and supply, if a real natural disaster had hit.

    Clearly, having something like this bucket on hand is the prudent thing to do. It’s often too late when an emergency is looming around the corner. Most of us have flashlights, candles, matches, battery powered radios, which we never use, but keep on hand just in case, then why not a few weeks/months supply of food. As for taste, if it comes down to me sitting in my basement, hungry and cold, waiting for the emergency to pass, I don’t think I’m going to mind a bit of salty stroganoff, especially if the alternative was that moldy piece of cheese at the back of the fridge or better yet nothing! Great article, getting one of these in next on my bucket list (pardon the pun).

    Cheers survivalist chick 🙂

    • Great points Carlos! It just takes one big storm, like we saw during Christmas 2013 when Toronto had a major ice storm that left the city in the dark during an major deep freeze, to understand how precarious our situation is without proper supplies.

      Thanks so much for reading, and let me know if you have any questions!


  4. The thing I hate about a lot of food storage alternatives is there is no consideration for certain dietary needs. Sure, I don’t expect these companies to come out with every single possible type of diet oriented group of products. But for some it can be life threatening. My husband has celiac and I’ve yet to find a food storage company that has a line of products that are gluten free. Does the Wise company have this?

    • Hi Sarah, they do infact have a gluten free option. I was pretty impressed with myself as I have a problem with wheat and gluten too. I also like that there are plenty of vegetarian options to choose from too.

      I haven’t tried the gluten free yet, but will let you know when i do!

  5. This is very informative. I’ve never actually thought about keeping a survival pack in my house. It would be a very good idea if something bad were to happen, especially if the worked ended lol. The sodium content is pretty high in this product though.. Oh well. As long as I can buy some water that doesn’t get contaminated I think I’ll be alright lol.

    • Sodium is to be expected in food that has shelf life for 25 years. Plus it adds some flavour to what would otherwise be very bland. A one time bulk purchase buys you just that much more security.

  6. Hey Krysten — very nice review! Sometime in the future, I’m hoping to do some backpacking, and this sounds like it’d be a good place to start. Did you get to try any of the others besides the Alfredo that you liked? I find that I’m pretty sensitive to saltiness as well because I eat clean, like you mentioned, most of the time. Though when the zombies come a huntin’, I could probably tolerate it as well, haha.

    Another helpful review — got all the bases covered!

    • Hi Megan,

      Any food that is designed for an extra long shelf life is going to be salty. At this point I have only tried the Alfredo (that was what came in our free sample before we ordered the 3 month supply) and it was salty. Each serving contains 600-800 MG of sodium, which isn’t terrible, and a lot less than most fast foods. When the zombies are chasing you though, this will be like dining at the ritz! they do have gluten free though if that is an issue for your.

  7. Hey there Krysten,
    loving your review! food pack that is able to sustain you for one month, I need to get my hands on that! I’ll be heading out for an excursion at a flood area with my friends, its gonna be rough journey and we’ll need all the camping stuff we can get our hands on since we have to stay there for 2 weeks. Definitely getting myself one, thanks for sharing this!

    • Hi Riaz,

      This product is great for trips like that! You can actually remove the mylar packs from the bucket, (contains 4 servings) and keep them in your pack for easy portability. Hope you enjoy, and good luck on your trip!

  8. Hi Krysten,
    I have never heard of them, maybe why I am not from the US 😉 but it is always interesting to read that there are companies that are able to make food have a shelf life of up to 25 years. For me this sounds like impossible.
    Do you have stored some of thos products at home in any case anything happens? Would you recommend to do so? Sorry for such questions, but I am bit of a newbie to this topic.

    • Hi Don,

      Yes you can store this food anywhere. You can have it shipped anywhere as well, and I am actually in Canada, and we were able to get it, and try a free sample before ordering as well.

      I live in a high rise condo in Canada’s largest city, and we have this product stored in our storage locker, and we have another brand in the back of our bedroom closet. You can keep it pretty much anywhere!

  9. Wow, love your article! This seems like an interesting program. I haven’t heard much about survival foods and I didn’t know there was such a large market for them.

    I love the pictures you put in and your way of explaining everything. Good job. Your article is great.


    • Hi MF,

      Thanks for reading, and I am glad you learned something new! Most people are not prepared for an emergency in anyway, so it might be a good time to investigate a freeze dried food system in case you need it one day! For a small investment, you can feed your family for a month with this product.

      • Greens are so amazingly nutritious! I’ve seen dandelion greens for sale at our food co-op and even at the suramrepket. I have heard the greens taste best before the flowers bloom, so early spring would be a good time to try them. I like Regis’ idea of frying the flowers in batter!Mary would like you to read..

  10. I have not tried this product, but it seems like a great way to prepare for an emergency. One question though, I live where we can get some incredible snow storms. When the power goes, It;s hard to have boiling water. That would me my only concern. Great for a camping trip though! It looks like it tastes good, probably better than some prepackaged food. Thanks!

    • Hi Liz,

      Well, if you have no power, I would suggest boiling water on a camping stove, or over your fireplace (if you have one) if all else fails, you can always just add cold water. If you have limited food supplies, warm food is a luxury!

  11. I’ve been tempted many times to get some of this sort of survival food, but could never quite squeeze it in my budget.

    I do stock up on items with a long shelf life and lots of water so I won’t be completely starving if there is some catastrophe.

    One thing to remember though, even with the freeze dried stuff, is to not just put it in the back of the pantry and forget about it. Cycle through it, eating up the older items and replacing them with new ones. You don’t want to be in a bad situation and realize the rats got to it before you did.

    I’ve also heard that Home Land Security (an agency of the US government) has been contacting some of these survival food companies and trying to BUY OUT THEIR ENTIRE STOCK. So it may be a good idea to get some now or have to try to get help from the government in times of crisis. The government has not been that effective in previous episodes of chaos and people went hungry.


    • Hi Gary,

      Yes, it can be pricey to buy 3 or months of food in one shot, but really worth the investment. The nice thing about this product is that it actually lasts for 20-25 years and is contained in an air tight plastic container, and food itself is stored in 4 portion mylar bags. No need to worry about rats or anything getting in.

      I recall the US government ordering hundreds of thousands of hazmat suits as well when Ebola started making the rounds. We may not know why they are buying, but might be a good idea to do as the government does, at least in this case!

  12. It’s pretty amazing what can be done with food nowadays – freeze dried foods with a shelf life of 25 years! That’s pretty amazing.
    As I was reading through this post I kept thinking about areas of natural and man-made disasters, and how the technology that’s gone into making a product like this might really help those in crisis Light weight, easy to ship, no spoilage, easy to store and nutritious. I don’t know much about this but am just wondering if this happens?

    • All good points, and this type of product is perfect just for that. This food will not go bad, but it does need to be stored correctly. Overall, great product!

  13. Hi Kyrsten – It amazes me just how many products are available out there. These freeze dried means should b a must for anyone that regularly visits the great outdoors.
    We here all the time about people getting lost in the wilderness and almost starving to death. This product could really be the difference between life and death.
    Loved the video the sense of humor of the presenter was awesome.
    Thanks for sharing

    • Glad you enjoyed Mark! This product is great for camping too. Emergencies can happen anywhere, so it may be wise to keep a few in the car and at home.

  14. Thanks for this review! My husband and I try to be as prepared for an emergency as we can, so I appreciate knowing about food options like this that will serve us well if we’re stuck in our home, or have to leave.

    Thanks also for the warning about the sodium and the nutritional information breakdown.

    Do the buckets contain what we would need to eat the food, or would we have to consider that too?

    • You would need to provide water and potentially and untensils. You can get some great easy to store camping gear that would work well.

  15. Hi Krysten- This is an excellent informational review. I am familiar with Wise Food Storage, as I have purchased one of their kits in the past. This review will give the prospective buyer a good overview of not only what is contained in the kit but a basic understanding of the nutritional value, what their choices and options are, and how to use the product.

    Well done and keep preppin!


    • Thanks Tom! It is always “wise” to be prepared for any disaster. I was watching a Nova special last evening about Hurricane Sandy and the devestating effects on NYC. Some were without power or running water for 5 days. Only makes sense to have a back up plan.

  16. Hi Krysten,
    I enjoyed your review of the Wise Food Company Survival Food.

    I have been thinking of getting one of these kits and I wasn’t sure which one to get but, this one looks like a winner.

    The grab and go bucket is also a great idea in case you need to escape to the basement or evacuate in a hurry.

    Waiting until a disaster happens or is about to happen is really too late to prepare as everyone else will also be scrambling around to grab what little will be available.

    I also don’t mind that it may be a bit salty, I put salt on everything lol and it is surely better than starvation.

  17. Nice! A similar niche to mine, I also do survival food reviews on my website. The ones I bought were from a store called Emergency Essentials, they were military “MREs”. Haha…felt so sick after eating too much of ’em, they were good the first or second times, third and fourth and fifth…bleehh..

    • I guess if you really need to eat them, there isn’t likely much else out there so probably would taste quite good!

  18. I haven’t eaten freeze-dried food before, other than astronaut neopolitan ice cream. Though I don’t eat freeze-dried foods, I have also eaten many survival foods, including packs of military MREs made by the company Ameriequal, Ive heard tat they’re the ones that make the MRE for the military. I’ve also heard of mountain house, but didn’t have the money to invest.

    • If you can save a little, spending $150 for 3 months worth of emergency food is well spent. It’s not like it’s going to go bad any time soon!

  19. Hi, this is interesting information for me, I do some mountaineering and need such stuff. But this is definitely too big package for my purposes. I do not see from the text if they have some smaller packages, like for a week or so. The amount of sodium is worrying. I would like to try it and combine with something else, not taking every meal form this package. Thank you, I have not heard about this before, I am form EU.

    • They actually have bags inside the bucket for each meals, I believe they have two servings.

    • / This is really innseretitg, You’re a very skilled blogger. I’ve joined your rss feed and look forward to seeking more of your excellent post. Also, I have shared your web site in my social networks!

  20. When I read wise company survival food, I was thinking it will taste like rubber. Salt shouldn’t be a problem, seeing how many food Americans eat are salty anyway. It makes sense for it to be salty since it is made to last 25 years and salt is a great preservative. I think the price is right for the amount of food you get. I just have one question; Aren’t food like these meant for the military and people who go to the moon?

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